Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Simple Tips on Buying Antiques

After moving into our new home, we can't stop thinking of potential decorating and organizing projects that we can do with our space. One of our consideration is to add a bit of vintage feel and seek antiques that will suit our personal space.

Why go for antiques? These decorative pieces are more than just eye-candies. They hold interesting relics of history and story of their manufacture. You can easily see the beauty and supreme craftsmanship of antiques so you can never truly discount it's quality. Antique are very popular so you have to watch out for sellers that can take advantage of you. There are fakes and rip-off prices that you have to be really cautious about buying antique. When I tried searching online for furniture and decorative pieces, I was met with tips and advise on how you can find authentic antiques at the right prices.

antique cabinet

Ask - asking about a product basically gives you a chance to challenge an antique's authenticity. Avoid rushing through the purchase and ask about the product until your curiosity is satisfied. You may also ask around to verify the credibility of the seller, his store and his products.

Assess - when looking at products on the internet, you have to pour over every detail of it. Look for something out of the way and see how it has held up over time. Notice the small details and never settle for anything that looks worn out or battered. There are hundreds of antique furniture and decors in prime conditions that you can find online so you don't have to settle for something that looks crooked worn out.

Trust your instincts - while examining a prime piece of antique, never feel pressured to buy it especially if you are not sure about it. Request for more photos especially detailed ones. Honest sellers will not hesitate to provide you more photos and information about the item. 

When you do all these, you will know the price range for items that catches your fancy. You'd be able to compare prices of similar items and you can haggle for the right price if you think the seller is asking too much for it. And lastly, ensure that you know of any return policy when ordering your antiques!

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