Monday, January 13, 2014

Sneaky Ways to De-Stress for Women

Every now and then, we feel like we direly need to take a break and relax. But being a mom on the go, you are always pressed for time. Until you can finish all your deadlines or file a leave from your work and find time for a spa date, here are some ways to de-stress: 

Watch funny vids online
Laughing is a highly effective way of de-stressing. We all know that laughter is good for the soul but since you don't have the luxury of watching the whole season of your favorite gag show, simply get your funny fix by watching vids online - You Tube is a good place to start. 

Listen to instrumental music
Come up with a playlist of soothing music that you can play on your way to work. It can be the sound of surf hitting the beach, Bach or Enya. This can mute out the irritating noise and lift up your spirits early on. 

Bring comfy slippers to work
Pumps and heels do make our legs look wonderful but they do feel painful! Save this tiis ganda factor when you have to meet with clients or talk to your boss and allow your toes a chance to wiggle when you are working at your desk. 

Convince your hubby to massage you before bed
Demand for a relaxing massage by invoking your wifey rights from your hubby right before going to bed. If he's in a giving mood and good with his hands, you'd easily drift off to relaxed and restive state and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Catapult Your Freelance Writing Career This 2014!

New year comes with a call for a fresh new start. What are your new year's resolution this time? Mine actually includes a vow to write more and hopefully inspire more to people with my and my family's experiences. While I have a career in public service, I still do write blogs and pursue a freelance writing career on the side. For me this is not merely for the additional income but also for the the continued practice and exercise of my craft. 

A lot of people also want to join the growing trend of of freelance writers. But what does a freelance writer really do? A freelance writer is considered as an independent contractor who provide services to different company or industry who may hire them.They are self-employed and have no formal ties with any company so they can work for one or as many as they can handle. 

How does one become a freelance writer?

People who choose this type of career, must write a lot and enrich themselves with modest education on "search engine optimization skills" and be able to drive traffic to a website. Companies clients or potential employers will not be looking at your educational degree but some may prefer if you have good background in English, Journalism, Marketing and others.  

Your absolute credentials that you can present are to your potential clients are your creativity, courage, your passion for writing and your willingness to show the real story behind what needs to be written. 

Starting a career in this industry can be easy, however, you have to learn the rules of writing and some of basic skills. If you are really serious about this shift, learning will be a piece of cake! Once you've armed yourself with the right values and skills, you'd develop a certain level of confidence to promote yourself to potential clients. Communicate with them so that you will learn and understand your client's needs and be able to produce the articles that they want and need. There are hundreds of freelance writing jobs that you can find today. If you manage this career well, you might be looking at a long term home-based freelance writing career that you love!