Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freelancing Tips: Ways to Deal with Freelance Funk

Having a regular job, a home to attend, a little boy to miss all the time, a long-distance love affair and topped with an online writing job that's  that  is a little overwhelming to  juggle. Yes juggle. A recent movie I've watched starring Sarah Jessica Parker shows a busy woman juggling her different roles and how she managed to do everything with grace is just amazing. She's right in one point, we women always have a list - a mental list, grocery lists, to-do lists, and a lot more. This can be quite helpful in helping us deal with out busy schedules and lessen our changes of developing stressful scenarios. Here is a list of ways to help you deal with the stress that comes with freelancing. 

Acknowledge Your Stressors

To help you balance your many roles out, specify them one by one. I am a mom, a partner, a loving daughter, a public servant, a writer, a friend and others. You must learn to set your priorities from here and when stressed out, recognize the source of it. Knowing your priorities and the source of the problems will help you find the best ways to deal with it. 

Have a Plan

This is where those "lists" come in really handy. Having a to-do list can help you make schedule and allot time for each of your roles and responsibilities. As a daughter you can do you errands for your mom and dad on lunchtime of Monday. As a mom, you can schedule a movie date with your kids on Friday as a reward for their good performance in school. As a long distance wife/gf/partner, you can also schedule movie dates once a week via skype or advance book for a vacation to visit one another. In between work, these fun stuff is really something that you and your loved ones can always look forward to.

Manage your Time

Assess your role and ask yourself if you've accomplished and how you've managed your time for the week. See where you've run short and follow up or tweak things a little bit. 

Learn to Prioritize Things

Determine the importance and urgency of your tasks and assignments. Act according to their importance and urgency. Urgent matters are those with deadlines and demand your attention. These things needs to be addressed immediately, while those not-so-urgent but important schedules such as dinner with the kid or are often neglected. Be sure to finish those urgent tasks over specific periods so that you can have more time with your loved ones. 

Take Care of Yourself

You can only balance everything you juggle when your mind, body and soul is also in top shape. Rest and sleep when you need to. Have some sort of an outlet and getaway once in awhile. Arrange vacation and fun activities with your loved ones to loosen up every now and then. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Will Write For Chocolates: Consoling a Desolate Writer

Over the past couple of weeks, I was caught in a roller coaster ride of celebrating the holidays, vacationing, travelling and preparing to move out to settle in my home province. I also needed to juggle a couple of client's tasks that we're needed in time for the holidays.

All these took on an overwhelming feeling of mixed fear, apprehension as well as a bubbly excitement for the unknown. I will be having a new career, this one is bound to be more in-line with my writing. Yet I still couldn't let go of the job I learned to love for the past two years. I am also feeling really down especially when I think about leaving all the people that I've and also have treated me like family. I always wonder now what will my new working environment would be like.

But despite all these, my days would go on whether I like it or not. The only consolation I have right now is this pouch of my favorite Reese's peanut butter cups that Baba bought before I fly back from Sabah.

I'm not liking the way my thoughts and my words are going at the moment but I know things would turn out just fine. If I consume a little too much of these chocolates, then I doubt if I would be fine! (Hello Tonsillitis!!)