Monday, May 5, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Adventure is Right Here!

After months of searching and looking for a place we can settle in, we finally found a simple abode which we now call home. Its a two-bedroom apartment with ample ground space for a small living area, dining, kitchen and laundry area. Our two rooms upstairs are just perfect for us three. It took almost two weeks before we let Teloyskie sleep in his own room and Baba feels a bit regretful because the tot no longer wants to sleep with us because he truly loved having his own space. 

There are still lots of items we need. But we are trying to complete things out piece by piece. Baba and I also bonds over Pinterest pins on home decor and interior design. Will try to update you on our efforts decorating and beautifying our home but for now, here's a peek at how it looks.