Monday, June 30, 2014

Whimsical Beach Bedrooms for Kids

Growing up with in a big family, I always wanted a room of my own. I would think of decors and designs that I would use or put up in it. And now that we have our own home (though rented) we want to make it as homey and personalized as far as our landlady will allow. 
And since we can’t redo everything at once, we decided to concentrate first on redecorating Teloyskie’s room. He loves the beach and if allowed, he will play in the surf and sand all day everyday. And because of this, all I can think of is to recreate a whimsical beach bedroom theme for kids that he too will surely love.  
photo not mine
Teloyskie’s room is bright with a wall of windows that lets natural light in. I have blue and green curtains hanged and I have blue and white stripped beddings on his bed. We wish we can repaint the ceiling with bright blue but that maybe done in another decorating project. My son also requested that we put luminous starts and heavenly bodies around his room and in the ceiling but we still haven’t bought it yet. 
Decorative wall stickers are also great additions when it comes to easy and affordable room renovation or redecoration. Good thing there are adhesive wall papers with beach themed prints like dolphins, turtles or sea shells. Teloyskie’s bedroom walls are painted cream and since we are hesitant about putting wall papers we are simply putting on stickers on certain areas. I’m also putting framed sea scapes of beaches we’ve been to some nautical wall decors like anchors and boats.
For the floor, we are still on the lookout for some cream and blue carpet. A blue sofa bed and a wooden shelve will probably complete the major items we need to create a whimsical beach bedroom theme for our little tot. If we get to travel again soon, I promise him we can take home some shells and rocks he can display in his room. 
photo not mine
And maybe soon, if the budget allows, we can also get an aquarium and some fishes he can care for! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Simple Tips on Buying Antiques

After moving into our new home, we can't stop thinking of potential decorating and organizing projects that we can do with our space. One of our consideration is to add a bit of vintage feel and seek antiques that will suit our personal space.

Why go for antiques? These decorative pieces are more than just eye-candies. They hold interesting relics of history and story of their manufacture. You can easily see the beauty and supreme craftsmanship of antiques so you can never truly discount it's quality. Antique are very popular so you have to watch out for sellers that can take advantage of you. There are fakes and rip-off prices that you have to be really cautious about buying antique. When I tried searching online for furniture and decorative pieces, I was met with tips and advise on how you can find authentic antiques at the right prices.

antique cabinet

Ask - asking about a product basically gives you a chance to challenge an antique's authenticity. Avoid rushing through the purchase and ask about the product until your curiosity is satisfied. You may also ask around to verify the credibility of the seller, his store and his products.

Assess - when looking at products on the internet, you have to pour over every detail of it. Look for something out of the way and see how it has held up over time. Notice the small details and never settle for anything that looks worn out or battered. There are hundreds of antique furniture and decors in prime conditions that you can find online so you don't have to settle for something that looks crooked worn out.

Trust your instincts - while examining a prime piece of antique, never feel pressured to buy it especially if you are not sure about it. Request for more photos especially detailed ones. Honest sellers will not hesitate to provide you more photos and information about the item. 

When you do all these, you will know the price range for items that catches your fancy. You'd be able to compare prices of similar items and you can haggle for the right price if you think the seller is asking too much for it. And lastly, ensure that you know of any return policy when ordering your antiques!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Adventure is Right Here!

After months of searching and looking for a place we can settle in, we finally found a simple abode which we now call home. Its a two-bedroom apartment with ample ground space for a small living area, dining, kitchen and laundry area. Our two rooms upstairs are just perfect for us three. It took almost two weeks before we let Teloyskie sleep in his own room and Baba feels a bit regretful because the tot no longer wants to sleep with us because he truly loved having his own space. 

There are still lots of items we need. But we are trying to complete things out piece by piece. Baba and I also bonds over Pinterest pins on home decor and interior design. Will try to update you on our efforts decorating and beautifying our home but for now, here's a peek at how it looks. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kiddie Movies to Look Out for this 2014

Summer has once again started and vacation time with our Teloyskie is beginning to look like hell has come lose. Right after his final exams, he never touched his books or notebooks again and spent all his hours playing outdoors or bugging me and daddy for a movie. So last night, we took him out for a movie date and we watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Our little tot became really curious about the marvel characters and wanted to know more about each personality. When we came home, we looked up Nick Fury's history, Bucky and the Falcon.

He also remembered some of posters displayed in the movie house and he probably made a mental list of the upcoming movies he wanted to watch. He told us about "How to Train Your Dragons 2" and "Rio 2." And before we slept last night we have made a list of kiddie movies to look out for this 2014.

1. Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Teloyskie's first on the list. He has seen this movie's trailers from the cartoon network I think and he's really keen to watch this. Story is about a boy who is adopted by a genius dog and their misadventures. The kind of movie a family like ours would definitely love.

2. Rio 2

Next on our list is Rio 2. This movie will be shown this April and I think we'll be watching it of course. Who didn't fall in love with Blue and Jewel on the first installment of this film. Another family adventure is set to happen and we're joining them hihi.

3. How to Train Your Dragon 2

Teloyskie loved the series and the first movie so I don't think he'll ever want to miss this sequel for the world. Well Hiccup and Toothless have grown on me and Baba too so we added this on our list of must see movies this 2014.

4. Transformer 4: Age of Extinction

We loved all the Transformer movies and of course we'll be watching this 4th installment of the film. Teloyskie is always amazed with robots but he's easily bored with conversation parts.

5. Lego Movie

My son have also seen the trailer this movie and it has piqued his curiosity. He's not a lego kid but he's played with Megablocks and found the animation of the this movie really interesting. So he insisted that we include it in our list.

6. Spider Man 2

Though they liked the first Spider Man series, my boys are both Spidey fans so they are both looking forward to this film. Baba was looking up Avengers Wiki last night and found that an orphan Peter joined in to mellow out the tiff between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. We wondered who that Peter was until Teloyskie told us that it was Spidey "you-know Peter Parker" uggh...

I'm sure there's a lot more coming out but initially this movies are the ones getting us excited for now.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tips on How to Choose A Ghost Writer

photo not mine
Finding the "perfect" ghostwriter to hire is a dilemma that many bloggers, writers and authors experience. You want somebody who will understand you and express your words when you can't. This actually determine the success of an article, a book, or a novel in progress. Here's a few tips on how you can work things out with your potential "writer" and how you can ensure the success of each project.

Discuss your terms. When hiring a ghostwriter, you should be clear with your writer that you will retain exclusive rights to the article, book or song that will be produce. It is your idea in the first place and you have hired them to put into words your thoughts and ideas. 

Experience. A ghostwriter with ample experience writing on various genres should place highly on your list of potential providers. They should also specialize in a certain style or genre since nobody can be an expert at every type of writing or niche. Hiring a writer who specializes in a specific genre will give you better output compared with hiring a generic writer. It is okay to ask for sample articles or work so that you can assess the writer before you hire him or her.

Communication venues. Make sure that you can contact and communicate with your writer for hire. He or she must also provide updates and details about the task regularly through various communication modes.  There are instances when a writer takes up the work and then disappears without any effort to communicate. Updates, feedback and details will ensure that your project is on the right track and any problems will be easily corrected. 

Cost and Timelines. Assess the cost and the timeline of your project. It may also be necessary to pay premium to ensure that you get high quality work, but it rarely means that you have to hire the most expensive provider. Try to work in installments so both of you can adjust to each others needs and requirements. This way you also minimize potential risks and ensure the success of your project. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eight Simple Guides to Healthier Eating

New Year means new resolutions and goals. For most of us, being healthy and lifestyle changes for better well-being and healthier choices are significant parts of that resolution. The holidays left many people with unwanted weight gain and some bulges that they wish to lose. So goals made for regular exercising and healthier eating. But despite confusing mass market campaigns, eating healthier meals is not as complicated as it seems.

Anybody can follow a healthier diet whether they are after weight loss, muscle gain or simply want to maintain their current body.  Here are a few guide to help you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of healthier eating and make you take in your health and wellness a little more seriously.

Go for Good Carbohydrates
Unlike high-glycemic index carbs, good carbohydrates have low-glycemic index and they do not raise your blood sugar level nor promote fat storage. Go for whole grains, oatmeal, whole wheat, beans, vegetables and fruits. Avoid simple sugars as well as refined carbohydrates.
Go for Fiber-Rich Food
US Stats show that many Americans do not meet the recommended daily fiber need. This is because they do not eat enough fruits or vegetables. Adults need more or less 20 to 30 grams of fiber each day and these can be sourced from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, oatmeal and beans.
Go for More Fruits and Vegetables
Adults should have at least nine servings or at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Fruits and vegetables are healthy, low calorie and packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants so they can be great replacement for high-fat snacks such as pizza or potato chips.
Go Lean Protein
Fatty red meat is a primary source of protein that is saturated in fat. The best choices for healthier and leaner protein sources are turkey, chicken, turkey, fish and nuts. Studies reveal that people who consume more than 18 ounces of red meat at a higher risk of developing colon cancer.
Say No to Trans Fat
Trans fat should be limited or avoided altogether. This can lower your “good” cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein and raise the “bad” cholesterol or low density lipoprotein. Commercially baked goodies, fast food, desserts and food that contain the secret ingredient, “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” has trans fats. There is no safe or acceptable level for trans fat consumption so better avoid it. 
Say No to Sugary Drinks
As much as you can, say no to cola, fruit drinks with added sugar and sports drinks. These beverages may only increase your blood sugar levels with their empty calories.
Drink More Water
Water is very important in keeping your body healthy. This is often forgotten in many healthy eating guide. Thus regardless of your health goals this year, make an effort to drink six to eight ounce glasses of water each day. You can’t have too much water in your body because your kidneys can handle up to 60 glasses per day!
Say No to Dietary Supplements

You might have notice the popularity of health and dietary supplements today. But unless you have some deficiency of some sort, taken more than the required nutritional requirements will not really make you any healthier or help you achieve your health goals faster. Best discuss your physical state with your doctor first before you take any supplements. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sneaky Ways to De-Stress for Women

Every now and then, we feel like we direly need to take a break and relax. But being a mom on the go, you are always pressed for time. Until you can finish all your deadlines or file a leave from your work and find time for a spa date, here are some ways to de-stress: 

Watch funny vids online
Laughing is a highly effective way of de-stressing. We all know that laughter is good for the soul but since you don't have the luxury of watching the whole season of your favorite gag show, simply get your funny fix by watching vids online - You Tube is a good place to start. 

Listen to instrumental music
Come up with a playlist of soothing music that you can play on your way to work. It can be the sound of surf hitting the beach, Bach or Enya. This can mute out the irritating noise and lift up your spirits early on. 

Bring comfy slippers to work
Pumps and heels do make our legs look wonderful but they do feel painful! Save this tiis ganda factor when you have to meet with clients or talk to your boss and allow your toes a chance to wiggle when you are working at your desk. 

Convince your hubby to massage you before bed
Demand for a relaxing massage by invoking your wifey rights from your hubby right before going to bed. If he's in a giving mood and good with his hands, you'd easily drift off to relaxed and restive state and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day!