Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kiddie Movies to Look Out for this 2014

Summer has once again started and vacation time with our Teloyskie is beginning to look like hell has come lose. Right after his final exams, he never touched his books or notebooks again and spent all his hours playing outdoors or bugging me and daddy for a movie. So last night, we took him out for a movie date and we watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Our little tot became really curious about the marvel characters and wanted to know more about each personality. When we came home, we looked up Nick Fury's history, Bucky and the Falcon.

He also remembered some of posters displayed in the movie house and he probably made a mental list of the upcoming movies he wanted to watch. He told us about "How to Train Your Dragons 2" and "Rio 2." And before we slept last night we have made a list of kiddie movies to look out for this 2014.

1. Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Teloyskie's first on the list. He has seen this movie's trailers from the cartoon network I think and he's really keen to watch this. Story is about a boy who is adopted by a genius dog and their misadventures. The kind of movie a family like ours would definitely love.

2. Rio 2

Next on our list is Rio 2. This movie will be shown this April and I think we'll be watching it of course. Who didn't fall in love with Blue and Jewel on the first installment of this film. Another family adventure is set to happen and we're joining them hihi.

3. How to Train Your Dragon 2

Teloyskie loved the series and the first movie so I don't think he'll ever want to miss this sequel for the world. Well Hiccup and Toothless have grown on me and Baba too so we added this on our list of must see movies this 2014.

4. Transformer 4: Age of Extinction

We loved all the Transformer movies and of course we'll be watching this 4th installment of the film. Teloyskie is always amazed with robots but he's easily bored with conversation parts.

5. Lego Movie

My son have also seen the trailer this movie and it has piqued his curiosity. He's not a lego kid but he's played with Megablocks and found the animation of the this movie really interesting. So he insisted that we include it in our list.

6. Spider Man 2

Though they liked the first Spider Man series, my boys are both Spidey fans so they are both looking forward to this film. Baba was looking up Avengers Wiki last night and found that an orphan Peter joined in to mellow out the tiff between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. We wondered who that Peter was until Teloyskie told us that it was Spidey "you-know Peter Parker" uggh...

I'm sure there's a lot more coming out but initially this movies are the ones getting us excited for now.

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