Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unique Gift Ideas for Bffs: Personalized Perfumes

My girl best friends are very special to me and this holiday, I find myself at lost on what I could give them to show my love and appreciation for them. I think my girls are very happy and content with what they have in their lives and maybe if there is still something missing, it's not me who can fill that gap anymore.

My worries were answered when our chemists at the office walked into my spot and offered their personally mixed perfumes and fragrances. I picked out one bottle and it's scent is similar to Lacoste's Touch of Pink. I like this scent a lot and I kinda fell for the cute bottles of the perfume she was offering so my creative mind started tinkling. So here's the ideal gift I came up with.

I ordered 4 bottles of perfume from our chemist and immediately worked at my computer to design a label for my girls. And here are my finished product! Do you think my bffs will like this? 

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