Friday, January 11, 2013

Will Write For Chocolates: Consoling a Desolate Writer

Over the past couple of weeks, I was caught in a roller coaster ride of celebrating the holidays, vacationing, travelling and preparing to move out to settle in my home province. I also needed to juggle a couple of client's tasks that we're needed in time for the holidays.

All these took on an overwhelming feeling of mixed fear, apprehension as well as a bubbly excitement for the unknown. I will be having a new career, this one is bound to be more in-line with my writing. Yet I still couldn't let go of the job I learned to love for the past two years. I am also feeling really down especially when I think about leaving all the people that I've and also have treated me like family. I always wonder now what will my new working environment would be like.

But despite all these, my days would go on whether I like it or not. The only consolation I have right now is this pouch of my favorite Reese's peanut butter cups that Baba bought before I fly back from Sabah.

I'm not liking the way my thoughts and my words are going at the moment but I know things would turn out just fine. If I consume a little too much of these chocolates, then I doubt if I would be fine! (Hello Tonsillitis!!)

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