Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coffee Cravings of an Online Writer: Brooks "Dripresso"

Brooks Coffee, a recently launched global coffee sensation sent me samples of their famous European coffee blend and the Japanesque Blend which is a combination of matcha and coffee. I love coffee and I got curious about the "dripresso" thing and the drip bag coffee design of their products so I hurriedly opened the European blend pack. At first I was really clueless what to do with it, and the pack has Japanese characters written all over it and I cannot find the exact instructions. Luckily there were pictures around which is what I followed through to set it correctly.

The European Coffee blend is a definite hit. It has a strong aroma and it hits the spot the way coffee shop-espressos do. Brook's has a wide range of coffee products that lures coffee lovers like me to buy and try. Based on the samples I got, their products will be worth every penny of your purchases.

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